A little bit about me...

My name is Symran Rapal, and I am a Multi Disciplinary Graphic Design graduate, holding a First Class Honours in Graphic Design Communication, from the University of The Arts London - Chelsea. 

I have always been into the world of art and design. I have a variety of interests and rarely let fear of failure hold me back. To stay engaged, I look for challenging new projects that take me outside of my comfort zone. I love new experiences and learning for it's own sake. I am easily moved by art and beauty, which makes me an overall enthusiastic designer. I am both practical and imaginative. I have the unique ability to approach problems creatively while still respecting the need for detail and organisation.

When I am not found behind my computer screen, I am usually sightseeing, exploring new exhibitions, binge watching Pixar movies, sipping away on my tenth cuppa tea or baking up a storm in my kitchen! 

Why not request for a copy of my resume or portfolio? 👀

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