MONPURE are a sustainable luxury scalp and hair health line, starring natural plant-based formulas that are gentle yet effective. Why should skincare stop at your hairline? Think of MONPURE as ‘skincare for your scalp’ developed to create the perfect environment for stronger, healthier hair to grow. 100% vegan and cruelty-free, with sustainably-sourced ingredients housed in recycled and recyclable packaging. Free from parabens, sulphates and silicones.


Target Audience:  Predominantly females aged 25 - 44. They regularly treat themselves to luxury goods whether this because they have just entered the workforce, meaning they have the disposable income to spend on luxury goods or because they have settled in a job, have ascended the career ladder and therefore have a higher salary. These customers are highly engaged with the beauty industry and they keep up to date with the latest brands/products/ingredients. They're invested in their health and well-being. They look for natural, pure and clean products with no harsh chemicals. They have concerns about hair loss / thinning and need to be educated about the importance of caring for your scalp first.


I have designed 2 x A4 magazine print advertisement's along with animating them, which can be seen on tube billboards or around the bus stops billboards. Overall, I have taken a fun and engaging piece of advertisment, taken it beyond the brief, which was: 

Design 1 x A4 magazine print advertisement.