St Davids Coffee House is a compact coffee shop for drinks, baking and light meals. The locals of SE23 really dig this cheerful, homely café in the centre of Forest Hill – and the owners feel the same way about them, from the artwork decorating the walls which is by a local and up for sale, to freelancers seeing their usual spot as a home from home. 

I have re-branded St Davids Coffee House, as they did not really have any strong brand identity and needed to adapt to stay relevant in the market. Therefore, a strong bold identity, with a minimal colour scheme is on trend, which is maintaining the same ethos and purpose. To remain modern, relevant and competitive, I have - switched up the colour palettes, created a new version of the logo and cleaned up previous typography. This signifies that the brand is up to date with a changing marketplace, and is adapting to this, while maintaining the same priorities it has always had.